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  • Power up with POWER UP Trail Mix - Never Go Hungry!

    This is one of the easiest ways young athletes can get on-the-go high quality nutrition. Exceptional for student-athletes to keep in their backpack or in their locker at school. Find your favorite bag and add a small, sweet treat if you want.

  • Part II: Lacrosse Ball Fascia Massage (Hips & Scapula)

    All soft tissue welcomes massage, see here how we use a lacrosse ball (or similar) on the hips and shoulder girdle areas.

  • Zero to 100 MPH!

    Spring sports have begun, maintenance (or hopefully small gains) in strength and keeping our athletes feeling good is super important! Since spring sports began many athletes have overwhelmed their bodies and are felling sore. Below, learn more about myofascial massage. Many have used foam rollers before, which are great, but a lacrosse ball (or similar) can be even better. Keep fascia healthy, maintain or increase mobility, reinvigorate muscles and more.

  • Athletes - eating breakfast is not optional!

    For every athlete breakfast is a must, but more so for those wanting to add weight. Overnight oats, making a handful to last all week, takes approximately 2 minutes each morning to get ready to eat.

  • Unilateral training is a must.✅️

    Unilateral training, or training on one leg here in this video, is incredibly important for all populations, especially young athletes.

  • Strength Training is Always in Season!

    Utilizing body weight to external (barbell, kettlebell, medicine ball, etc...) weight is the foundation for helping young athletes not only perform better but most importantly, feel better and increase their self-confidence. Making it fun, challenging and competitive (whether individually or in a group) is a critical component to getting buy-in from young athletes. Parents, make it a priority for your athlete to engage in strength training! Strength training weekly and year round, regardless of other activities is best practice and always in season Strength training in season, including on practice and game days is also best practice Hire a strength coach that understands this and can tell you why Above, see our middle school athletes beginning their journey on the barbell. The BB is a tool in every school and athletic program/sport. Make sure they first know how to move well under their own weight and then be sure they know how to properly and safely move external loads.

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