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Jacob S. (Monument, CO) 

We reached out to Coach Drew to help with muscle control and movement in our 12 year old son.  Being a young athlete, we wanted to help our son excel in his sport by building muscle but also help him avoid future injuries.  Drew was able to teach him correct form, build muscle and improve performance.  We saw improvement in our son on and off the field and even better there was a boost to our son's confidence.  We will continue training with Drew as our son grows.

Mason & Trevor M. (Monument, CO)

Our two teenage boys have been working with Coach Drew for about 8 months and we are so glad they started. Our boys are different animals altogether but both have grown and have a greater focus on physical wellness. One is a golfer that worked out but didn’t love it and didn’t think this program would do anything for him because he is not an “athlete”. He now looks forward to the workout and the challenge every week. Working with Coach Drew has increased his coordination and flexibility which has helped with his golf game. Our other son is an athlete and loves lacrosse and football. Working regularly with Coach Drew has helped him develop a greater focus on stretching and injury prevention and has given him greater agility and quickness on the field. I would highly recommend Lrn 2 Move to anyone that just wants to better themselves physically - athlete or not!


David K. (Chicago, IL) 

I am currently a junior in high school and have been training with Develop the Athlete [now Learn 2 Move] since my freshman year. Prior to high school, I was very active in sports such as football, soccer, basketball, lacrosse, and baseball. While playing these sports, I experienced different types of injuries because I didn’t train properly.  Now with the help of Develop the Athlete, I have yet to experience an injury and have gained a wealth of knowledge about sport specific training. During workout sessions we focus on form rather than reps because form is the most important part to a workout. The main workouts we do during our sessions are focused towards base strength which is done using Olympic Style Lifting, Kettle Bell Training and other Develop the Athlete techniques. Over the past two and a half years of training with Develop the Athlete, I have seen a tremendous improvement in my overall strength as well as my speed, agility, quickness, balance, and base strength. Give them a try, you will feel better and stronger before long.

Adolescent Squat Strength Training Athletic Performance.

7 year old...

It's never too young to LRN 2 Move!


MADDIE C. (Chicago, IL)

Hi Drew!


I know my mom already told you the news, but I made the Villanova Woman's Lacrosse team! I had a meeting with the coaches yesterday after two weeks of fitness tests and practice and they said that they see a lot of potential in me and decided to keep me on the team!


The reason I'm telling you all this is because the coaches said they were very impressed with my physical fitness. The head coach, Julie Young, said that she is looking to build a fast, strong team this year and she thinks I'm just that: fast and strong. But I cannot take all the credit for that. I would not be anywhere near where I am today if I had not been working with you and your coaching staff for the past year. You have an amazing staff of trainers that I have a hunch might be wizards or God or something, because all of a sudden I had this power in my body to move faster than I ever have before, like magic. My speed has definitely increased greatly after working with Andrew and Jackie on kettle bell swings this summer -- I'm finishing the sprints within the top 15 or so out of 43 girls! We also do strength and conditioning 3 times a week which includes the same sort of squats, pushups, mountain climbers, core work, medicine balls, and pull ups that I did with you guys (but sadly, no kettle bells yet). The strength and conditioning coach even called me out on my perfect squat form, no big deal.


All in all, I want to thank you for everything you have taught me and for giving me the opportunities to better myself as an athlete. There is no way I would have made the team if I had not been in the shape I am in, and I credit that to all of the Develop the Athlete training I did.  Please thank Andrew and Jackie for me, they're my saviors!


MIKE G., Chicago, IL

Professional Lacrosse is more like being a part time pro.  With practice and games on the weekends there is about five days between play.  Luckily this season our team brought on Drew Stevenson with Develop the Athlete to train our local players.  Drew did a great job of finding out what my body and position specifically needed. After just a few sessions I felt I had more control and balance of my strength. As a goalie I didn’t need to have overall bulk but functional strength. This season I was selected to my first All-Star Game in my career and I thank Drew Stevenson for getting me there.


Pat H., Chicago, IL

I have worked with many different trainers throughout my collegiate and professional lacrosse career, and I have to say that I have never felt more physically prepared going into my most recent season with the Chicago Machine.  Drew's workouts are intense and at sometimes grueling, but leave you with the satisfaction of bits of improvement upon each week.  Its seems like strides were taken in my speed, stamina, recovery time and strength from when I began with Drew to when I had to take the field for training camp.  His workouts were dynamic, creative and uniquely designed toward the sport I play.  He took the time to listen to my concerns about what I was looking to improve on and then designed workouts that would benefit me most in these areas.  I look forward to training with Drew for all of my future seasons in Major League Lacrosse.

Jake D., Chicago, IL

Drew Stevenson’s program of Develop The Athlete has done great things for my professional athletic career. Drew is an innovator when it comes to working out as he does many exercises and routines that are unheard of but get the job done. His philosophy as a trainer directs specifically to the person he is working with, whether the client is a child or professional athlete. Drew knows the needs of each specific athlete and me being a professional lacrosse player and someone who has worked with him for the last year, values what he has done for me. I am coming off the best season of my career and I credit Drew Stevenson as he prepared me for success.


Coach Stevenson has been a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) since 2006 and most recently received his USA Weightlifting (USAW) Level I certification. He has and continues to train adolescents, weekend warriors, Ironman competitors, and professional athletes.  Additionally, he has 20 years coaching and mentoring youth through college level lacrosse players, and helping them develop at their sport as well as becoming the best athlete they can be.


Most recently, prior to moving to Colorado, he owned and operated his own training company, Develop The Athlete, in Chicago, IL. His staff of trainers and he worked with athletes of all ages, in individual to small team training settings. Success always came down to the most basic process of competition, learning to move.

Learning to move seems very simple at first, however, naturally occurring and sport specific imbalances are all too common. Adolescent athletes just "play" and don't always "prepare" like they need to be their best (or just feel good/healthy without chronic aches and pains). This is where having a qualified strength coach is critical - to get strong, stay balanced and most of all, remain healthy and in the game.​

Coach Stevenson has helped multi-sport athletes reach Division I, II, III and NAIA college athletics. All of his trainees went to college stronger and more prepared for the higher level/speed of competition.  As a long time lacrosse and strength coach, some of the best players he has seen play the game have been multi-sport athletes. Lacrosse, hockey, basketball, soccer and football (to name a few) encompass so many tactical and technical skills included in other sports, he believes that youth through high school players are best served participating in multiple sports.


Equally important as playing multiple sports he stresses physical literacy through strength and conditioning allowing athletes to better understand what they can do to help themselves be their best. He believes physical literacy begins at a young age, prior to regular competition and continues throughout life. Coach Drew believes it's better to make physical literacy more fun and part of a young athletes development instead of on again, off again rehabilitation later. In other words, come see us before injury occurs, but we'll welcome those banged up and realizing you need help later too!

Currently, Stevenson is the owner of COSMO Ops, LLC. COSMO provides lacrosse programming through and LRN 2 Move. Most recently he was the middle school PE Instructor at Lewis Palmer Middle School and prior to that, the middle and high school Physical Education instructor at Monument Academy - East Campus.

Certified Strength Coach | Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist | National Strength & Conditioning Association


LRN 2 Move training session pricing is based on frequency and consistency of training (not by package size).  LRN 2 Move encourages getting on a plan and sticking to it to see the results you want. The more you consistently train, the more you'll earn in free training. Consistency pays!


For example, a one training session per week 12-pack must be used within a 13 week (1 week grace period) time frame to maintain consistency of training and cost.​ A two training session per week 12-pack must be within a 7 week (1 week grace period) time frame.


Checks made payable to: COSMO Ops, LLC (dba LRN 2 Move)

Credit: Clients who pay by credit card (see gray box to right) can purchase training online, via PayPal. Package rate + 4% processing fees.

Training is held in the LRN 2 Move studio or client home (trip charge, based on mileage will be added on to training fee). Call or email to learn more.

1 Person Training

12 Pack

1 Session per week

$840 (check/cash)

$873.60 (credit)

12 Pack

2 Sessions per week

$810 (check/cash)

$842.40 (credit)

3 Person Training

12 Pack

1 Session per week

$1200 (check/cash)

$1248 (credit)

12 Pack

2 Sessions per week

$1,140 (check/cash)

$1185.60 (credit)

2 Person Training

12 Pack

1 Session per week

$1,020 (check/cash)

$1,060.60 (credit)

12 Pack

2 Sessions per week

$960 (check/cash)

$998.40 (credit)

Small Group Training

Call 719.418.6174 for rates.

rates are based on total participants and location of training.

max group size: 10

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